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Sugar & Salt Scrubs, Facial Masks

Moisturizing and exfoliating scrubs and facial masks are an effective and easy way to remove toxins and impurities, along with dead skin to leave a soft, glowing and much healthier skin. Scrubs are great for smoothing out rough patches and renewing your skin. We use pure ingredients in our facial masks and scrubs. Our friends and family use these products as well. We have sugar and salt scrubs, healing salts, real black mud from the Dead Sea in Jordan, as well as dried clay mixes for you to customize.

Sugar Scrubs are great for facial scrubs and people with sensitive skin. Sugar scrubs are softer than salts. They gently exfoliate, removing dead skin and help rejuvenation of new skin. We add nourishing butters, oils, and therapeutic essential oils to our sugar scrubs. They are refreshing, and softening to skin.

Salt Scrubs make excellent foot scrubs and are great for people with rough, oily, acne skin. We use therapeutic salts and additives that are the most beneficial to skin. Our salt scrubs remove toxins, impurities, dead skin and are very exfoliating. They absorb excess oil and smooth callouses. Some salts can be irritating to sensitive skin, and you should avoid applying to areas with cuts or it will sting.

Dead Sea Mud is absolutely amazing. Real black mud from the Dead Sea in Jordan with a bit of  healthy oils added for moisturizing. Filled with minerals it refreshens and revitalizes your skin. We love using this mud ourselves. It is great for all skin types. Feels wonderful on face, neck, in body wraps, and when heated it even eases pain and stiffness from arthritis.

Sugar & Salt Scrubs, Facial Masks

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