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Heat Wraps

These warm, relaxing therapeutic wraps gently mold to your body releasing a gentle heat to relieve stress, aches and pains. Microwave 1-2 minutes and they will stay warm for at least 45 minutes and will release heat at a lower level for a couple of hours.  The warm moist heat relaxes stiff muscles, improve flexibility and increase circulation. They make great gifts for the elderly, disabled, people who are in the hospital or recovering from an illness. Small wraps are good for childrens pockets and for ear aches.

Wraps feel great around the neck, shoulders, upper or lower back, knees, elbows, hands, in your lap, on your feet, in your pockets. It helps the wrap stay warm even longer if you put them under your clothes against your body or under a blanket with you in bed to banish winter chills.

Use them to keep warm on cold days, outside working in cold weather, in the car, bed warmers at night. They are great for muscle aches and pains, arthritis pain, aches from flu, headaches, migraines, sinus pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, pet warmers, cramps, aching feet.

We use a natural corn for the filling, which provides a moist, safe heat and is more therapeutic than rice, flax, wheat, other unnatural fillers, chemical packs and heating pads. Most of our wraps are made with a removable cover for easy cleaning, most are machine washable. We double sew many seams for added strength, they are made to last!  We sell the inserts alone for those who need refills, that saves you money!! Our family uses our heat wraps all winter long and they get quite a work out!! We have improved on the size and design. Our wraps are larger than many others for sale and contain more filling to keep you warm longer!!


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