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Dryer Balls

We use a labor intensive process that involves hand felting a core, then adding layers. We felt our wool dryer balls three times for added durability. They work by separating the clothes as they dry and absorbing moisture. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial,  anti-microbial and anti-static. It absorbs up to a third of its weight in water before feeling wet.

Wool dryer balls are easier on your clothes than plastic dryer balls which can snag clothes, emit harmful fumes and make a terrible racket!! Our  dryer balls are 100% natural wool to the core with no added fillers. They may not be perfectly round but they are built to last. They naturally may pill over time. You may shave the pills off with a light razor or sweater shaver if desired.


Benefits of All Natural Wool Dryer Balls

~Shortens drying time to save energy                                               

~Fluffs and softens clothes, towels, diapers                                                          

~Reduces static (not eliminates)

~Good alternative for fabric softeners and dryer sheets

~Saves you money

~Natural, biodegradable, renewable resource

For Best Results Use:                                                                

2 balls for small delicate loads

4 balls for average loads

6 balls for large loads

8 balls for heavy extra large loads

Any number of balls you use will help but the more you use, the faster your clothes will dry.  You can use up to 12. Our wool dryer balls are a good medium weight. Too small or light is not as effective as well as too heavy which can damage your dryer sensors. We store ours in the dryer when not in use.  Kids love playing with the balls, and pets enjoy them tremendously as well.

Wool is expensive, but these dryer balls will pay for themselves quickly. They last a minimum of 1-2 years even doing a load of laundry a day!! When using 4 balls you save approximately 40% for an average load and 25% for a large load in drying time plus fab softener and dryer sheets expense.

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