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Silicone Dipped Bulbs

Hand dipped and hand scented each of our light bulbs are unique and charming. They radiate a soft natural glow that fills any home with cozy warmth and added charm. They look really pretty in the window during holidays and on a fireplace mantel. Use in a lamp, electric candle, wall scone or night-light. Any place you would use a small light bulb.

Each bulb is is tested and is guaranteed to work. For extended life of the bulb, leave bulb on. Turning them off and on will burn out the filament and shortens their life considerably. Bulb will last about a year if turning off and on and well over 2 years if left on more often.

We have not had much of this, but bulb may "smoke" when first turned on. They are just steaming off their scent. Do not be alarmed. This not a fire hazard.

Many people want the bulbs mostly because of their rustic look, but you can add a few drops of fragrance oil to bulb to refresh the scent when needed if you would like a bit of fragrance.

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Grubby Silicone Bulb Grubby Silicone Bulb
These are our favorite grubby hand dipped bulbs. We grubbied them up with natural spices, and give them a light pumpkin pie spice scent…
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