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Linen/Room Spray

Our refreshing Linen Sprays are a great way to freshen a room, bedding, or clothing. A little spray goes a long way.
There are endless places that could use a better smell! 

Wonderful for refreshing air in home. Spritz few times up in the air for room scent. Use in living rooms, dens, kitchens and bathrooms. In bedrooms, spritz on sheets, pillows, bedding, in the air for a peaceful aroma before sleeping.

Great to spray in pets areas, on pet bedding.  

Spray on our handmade wool dryer balls to add freshness to laundry in dryer. May spritz on freshly washed laundry, sheets and towels, before drying. Always spot check on light colored fabric, especially silk, and hold at least 18" away.

Spray air conditioner filter to freshen.

Great for reviving scent in old potpourri, scent sachets, cardboard air fresheners in vehicles. Spritz on our unplugged handmade silicone dipped light bulbs to refresh scent. Let dry thoroughly, plug back in.

Use in your workplace in your office and restrooms.

Good to freshen a car, truck, bus, motor home.

They are great to bring when traveling. Spritz in a musty hotel room, and on bedding. Our linen/room sprays made with essential oils have valuable health properties as well.  Many are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, so they are helping with germs as well as smelling great. We use those often in our home, especially around flu season.

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Linen & Room Spray Linen & Room Spray
We make a concentrated spray using high quality oils. A little goes a long way!! This is a tall 8 oz bottle, filled by weight. Volume of these sp…
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