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Potpourri/Prim Fixins

Wonderfully scented and long lasting our potpourri is made with natural botanicals and high quality fragrance oils. Scent fills the room and will last for months. Potpourri is easily refreshed with our potpourri refresher oils.

Creating a wonderful smelling potpourri is a lengthy process. Every batch of our potpourri takes many weeks from start to finish. We gather what we can from our gardens and fields and purchase the rest. We search for the best ingredients and high quality oils for all our prim fixins and potpourri. It is a time consuming process, but it ensures a great batch of potpourri. All our prim fixins and potpourri are available in limited quantities. It will be made fresh to sell mainly in fall and winter months. Products from year to year may vary due to crop availability.

Our unique scented clay creations are a labor intensive process but are so cute and will last for years. They are handcrafted one at a time, which involves mixing the dough, rolling, shaping, drying, individually hand painting, drying again, dipping each one in a sealer and then scenting with our high quality fragrance oil!! A lot of work but they are a great addition to bowls of prim fixins and potpourri.

There are many ways to display and use potpourri. You can add it to a jar, bowl or basket. Use them in decorative centerpieces and they look great around candles. You can put potpourri in a small sachet or cloth bag and put in a drawer, closet, cabinet or car. They make great gifts too!!

Our oils are strong and uncut so please do not place potpourri directly on furniture because oils can damage nice wood surfaces and may leave a stain on some -fabrics. It is best to use our potpourri in a glass or metal bowl or a basket with a wax or plastic lining.

Your choice and use of potpourri will determine how long the scent lasts. To help your potpourri smell great as long as possible keep out of direct sunlight and breezy areas. Gently move your potpourri around every so often.  In a sachet, squeeze the bag once in awhile to release more of the scent. In closed containers, and drawers scent will last the longest, but be sure to keep some out where you will enjoy it!! All potpourri and prim fixins are very easily refreshed when the scent does finally fade. Larger pods and rose hips just cannot hold scent as long as flower botanicals so they will fade a bit quicker.

We list online only the potpourri and prim fixins we have plenty of in stock. We will have more varieties offered at the shows. As many as a dozen different scents. They will sell out at the shows being in such limited quanity so you will not see them posted online. If you love a particular scent you got at a show please let us know so we will have it available in the future.

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Prim Fixins Grubby Light Prim Fixins Grubby Light
Our wonderfully scented prim fixins surround a softly flickering light sitting inside a 5" rustic tin star. Very cozy and primitive decor. We gav…
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Cinnabun Prim Fixins-One Cup Cinnabun Prim Fixins-One Cup
Very popular. Our yummy cinnabun scented prim fixins smell so fabulous they get a lot of attention!! These are great for displaying in the home or o…
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Cinnabun Prim Fixins-Two Cups Cinnabun Prim Fixins-Two Cups
Very popular. Larger portion or our yummy cinnabun scented prim fixins smell. They smell so fabulous they get a lot of attention!! These are great for…
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Prim Fixins Grubby Light Jar Prim Fixins Grubby Light Jar
Our wonderfully scented prim fixins surround a softly flickering light sitting inside a half pint mason jar tied with a red gingham fabric tie. Very c…
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Refresher Oil Refresher Oil
By request you can now get a 1oz bottle of the same yummy fragrances we use in our candles, air fresheners, potpourri, all our products. This is a strong r…
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