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Aroma Melt Ornies

These awesome melts make a stylish air freshener for your car, home, or office. Translucent, the light seems to reflect off the melts giving a stained glass look. They are much prettier than the common cardboard air fresheners. They smell a lot better and last a lot longer too!!

Our aroma ornies are highly scented with a strong, high quality fragrance oil and will easily last for several months, depending on your environment and usage. Some fragrances are naturally a bit stronger and will last a bit longer!! They smell the very best warm, hang in a sunny window in the wintertime or put near a heating vent so the fragrance can drift towards you. Please be very careful in the summertime if you have them in an auto. In extreme heat, like in the sun in a closed vehicle, with temps over 100 degrees, your ornie may have a meltdown!!  

They are terrific as car air fresheners hanging from the rear view mirror. These are great for smaller spaces, in an RV, locker, closet, small bathrooms. You can lay them around the house, but because of the strong oils be careful putting them directly on wood, furniture or dashboards. The strong uncut oils can damage wood, plastics and some fabrics. You can hang them or set them in a basket or bowl.

It is a lengthy process to make these, but we think they are worth it in the end!! We start by infusing our beads with a strong fragrance oil and some color. We stir several times a day for up to a week until all the fragrance oil is completely absorbed and the beads are dry to the touch. Then we shape and slightly heat the beads to get a gentle melt. We cool them, and finish them off with the hole, hanger, then package!!

We make very small batches at a time for freshness but we have found that many still smell wonderful well past their expected prime!! If you have a favorite fragrance we will be happy to make it for you, we can make anything we carry in our candle scents. These feel a bit like rubber and are 1/4" -1/2" thick.

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