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Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps have long been used in American homesteads. A century ago they were a way of life. With no electricity, when the sun went down families would light their oil lamps and sit down for a home cooked meal around the flickering light of the lantern. They could enjoy a book and carry the lanterns to their bedrooms before turning in for the night. Today they are still used as ambiance lightening to set an enjoyable mood or in a romantic setting.

Oil lamps are great for dinner parties, weddings, or outdoor gatherings. The jar lamps work well outdoors, they won't blow out easily in moderate winds. You can add many goodies to your jar for added decorPinecones, twigs, nuts like acorns, potpourri, cinnamon sticks, fabric, buttons, marbles, stones, dried fruit like apple slices or chilies, mini Indian corn, glass ornaments and hard candies to name a few. Fresh flowers and fruit look fabulous suspended in oil but will only last a couple of days. Potpourri & nuts will remain stable in lamp oil for months.

Oil lamps are great to have during power outages as emergency lighting. We keep oil lamps throughout our home that we have used often, some for a week at a time during lengthy outages.  

Wick refills are available so you may use your lamp over and over. They are easy to change and wicks burn slowly. We have found they last a very long time!

With care your lamp should offer years of enjoyment.   

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Mason Jar Oil Lamp- Star Mason Jar Oil Lamp- Star
Country style rustic mason jar oil lamp. A metal 5 point star sits on top of a Barn Red lid which is really more of a brownish red. Finsihed off with a bro…
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Mason Jar Oil Lamp - Heart Mason Jar Oil Lamp - Heart
Country style rustic mason jar oil lamp. A metal heart sits on top of a black lid. Finsihed off with your choice color of the gingham (checkered) fabr…
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