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Powders & Puffs

Dust yourself with our refreshing body powder using our super soft, luxurious powder puffs. Powder is great for dusting on face and body, sprinkling in shoes and on bed sheets. Keeps your skin feeling fresh, silky, soft and dry. Great for use in hot, humid climates, after showers or working out. 

We add a mild, natural deodorizer, so you can use it underarms over your deodorant, and sprinkle in shoes. Works beautifully in the nursery to powder baby. Our powder is gentle yet effective. After much experimenting with ingredients over the years, this is our favorite powder. It has great absorbing ability, is deodorizing, yet soft and silky, plus it smells really great!!

We use all natural ingredients, no talc or parabens.  Ingredients: Cornstarch, Kaolin Clay, Arrow Root Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, Fragrance.

All our powders come nicely packaged in jars for dusting, in bottles for sprinkling, or in bags for refilling.


Our luxurious fluffy handmade powder puff dusters are completely hand sewn and filled with hypo-allergenic stuffing. We do not use glue on our puffs! I pick the softest, most luxurious  faux fur and/or fleece to carefully make each puff. Each has a cordinating hand grip ribbon for ease of use.  Luxurious powder puffs look adorable sitting on a vanity and are great gifts for girls and ladies alike!! Our regular powder puffs measure 3" across. Large body puffs are 4" across and sold alone.

I began making my own puffs when I needed a new puff and was disappointed with the poor selection and high prices of puffs on the market. Our powder puffs are very pretty and stylish as well as functional. They make great gifts year round, Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day. Some have made gift baskets using a large puff and powders tucked in with a book and other thoughtful items for those in a hospital. Add our puffs and powders in a basket with baby items for new mothers. Little girls love powder and puffs, and they make cute party favors.

Powders & Puffs

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