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Magnetic Jewlery Information

My Story ~ I design a variety of unique, fashionable, magnetic necklaces, bracelets & anklets from high strength magnetic beads, gemstones, various beads and pendants. I gather beads and gemstones from many different sources all over the world. I use semi-precious gemstones, copper, glass, wood, and shells, with high strength magnets. Pendants are unique, I use whatever catches my eye, shells, metal, guitar picks, hand painted or hand blown glass. I have designs for ladies, children, and men. Bracelets and earrings are available that will match many necklace designs.

I have been making magnetic necklaces since 1997. I wanted to wear them but all the magnetic necklaces I could find were common and boring and very expensive!! I got to work researching and gathering supplies and have been making them ever since. Our family loves these necklaces for extra energy and to relieve stiffness and pain. They work for us, and have worked for people who I've sold them to all these years, I'm sure they will work for you!! I work very hard to find great prices on quality gemstones, beads, and all the supplies I use so I can pass that savings along to customers and keep our jewelry as affordable as possible.

History ~ Magnets have been used for centuries to help with a variety of ailments. It is a legalized and proven form of therapy in European and Asian countries. There are many good articles written about the positive effects of magnetic therapy. Magnets are not ‘magic.’ They work by helping the body regain its self-healing balance naturally. Every organ & cell in our bodies is influenced by magnetic fields. The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field. Veterinarians use magnets to heal animals also. We know people who use magnetic therapy to heal their horses injuries. It works!!

Health Benefits ~ A partial list of conditions that may be relieved are arthritis, back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, carpal tunnel, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, infections, insomnia, migraines, poor circulation, tennis elbow, and swelling. There really is no limit to what kind of pain it can relieve, since it naturally works with your body without the harmful side affects of drugs. Magnets improve circulation, increase energy and blood oxygen levels.

Wear bracelets to help with stiff fingers, wrist or elbow pain, any pain or stiffness up to the shoulders. Anklets should be worn for any feet, ankle, knee or hip problems. Necklaces are good for head, neck, upper body discomfort and overall energy benefits.

There are many success stories from people using magnetic jewelry for magnetic therapy. It is a non-invasive drug-free therapy. You should see results in 1-4 weeks, individual time varies. Many people use magnets to help with arthritis. The magnets alleviate pain by improving mobility of arthritic joints, by increasing circulation and decreasing swelling in the area. Magnets also aid recovery of torn muscles and tendons. Magnets will improve your overall health.

Copper is also wonderful for arthritis, and I design some jewelry with copper beads. The copper is natural and can turn a slightly off color after much use and exposure to elements. They can be polished gently with cloth to regain shine and color.

Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by anyone pregnant or wearing a pacemaker or diabetic device. Do not wear next to a watch. Magnets should not replace treatment by a qualified health professional for any serious illness, but should be used in combination to aid in healing.

Types of Magnets ~ I use a high quality permanent ferrite bead, which is magnetized hematite. I use only those in the top two power levels, because the weakest magnetic bead, found cheaply in many stores have no real health benefits. Magnets are rated by a gauss rating system which is used to measure the intensity or power of a magnet.

To get good results you need the right kind of magnet, the right strength and wear it in the right place. The magnets we use work well for most conditions. We use powerful, healing strength magnets. If you do not get good results from them there is still hope for you! You may need a rare, quality neodymium magnet which is a “natural earth magnet” and they are very expensive. They penetrate even deeper in the body. Most magnets penetrate to a depth of 1” to 3” which is sufficient for almost everyone.

Price is not a guarantee of magnet quality. I have seen low quality magnets at twice the price of strong, healing strength magnets. You have to get magnets from a reliable source and be educated on what you need and are purchasing. I choose to use high quality magnets because I care more about people getting pain relief than about making a dollar.

Care ~ Magnets can be worn 24 hours a day, taken off once a week for 12 hours to regenerate magnets. We know some people who wear their healing jewelry to bed and sleep in it with no problem. It is personal preference.

They should not be worn in the water, since some metal may rust if exposed to excess moisture and you want your jewelry to last for many years. Remove jewelry before swimming or bathing because chemicals in pools may not be good for jewelry.

Sizing ~ Our most popular size of necklace is 19"-20" in length. Any size can be made, from 13"-24" and if you prefer a size other than the standard 20”. Magnets do not have to be tight to work, they can work up to 1/2" away from the body. It just depends on personal preference.

Popular sizes:

Child Necklace 12” - 16” ~~ Adult Necklace 17” - 22” ~~ Long Necklace 23” - 26”

Child Bracelets 3.5” - 7” ~~ Adult Bracelets 7.5” - 9”

Child Anklet 5.5” - 8” ~~ Adult Anklet 8.5” - 12”

We did not start out making jewelry for kids but many customers have requested items, so we will make magnetic jewelry for children when requested. They should be at least 7 years old and be monitored to make sure they do not take apart and eat the jewelry. We do not know about health benefits of magnets on children.

Measuring ~ To determine your size you can measure jewelry you already wear or you can measure your neck, wrist or ankle. Measure at the widest part with a cloth tape measure or piece of string. Lay the string flat on a ruler to see size. Allow a bit of slack, you do not want it to be too tight or small.

Not to confuse anyone, but necklaces made with large stones and beads have to be made slightly larger to accommodate for the tighter fit. Most necklaces people wear are thin, like gold or silver chains and they hang longer. So if you have a favorite thin necklace that is 19” long, and I make the same size in a magnetic necklace with the larger beads, it would be too tight on you. Not to worry, I automatically add 1/2” for kids size and at least 1” extra for adults to the size given to get a correct fit. Order the size you normally wear and we will make it work.

Guarantee ~ My jewelry is 100% guaranteed. If after receiving it, you discover that you ordered the wrong size, that is no problem, please let me know. I can make you another one that fits!! You will need to send the jewelry back in the same envelope it came in, you pay the postage with new tracking information from the post office, the same way I sent it to you, within 30 days!! I will be happy to make one that works for you, at no extra charge!!

If your necklace comes apart or breaks within a year, return all the pieces you can find and it will be fixed free of charge. I will always fix your jewelry for you or adjust the size even after a year, but I may have to charge a small fee to do that. I want you to be able to wear and enjoy your jewelry!!

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