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Heat Wraps Info

What they can be used for

To keep warm on cold days, outside working in cold weather, in the car, for bed warmers at night. They are great for muscle aches and pains, arthritis pain, aches from flu, headaches, migraines, sinus pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, pet warmers, cramps, aching feet.

We use a natural corn for the filling, which provides a moist, safe heat and is more therapeutic than rice, flax, wheat, other unnatural fillers, chemical packs and electric heating pads.

Why corn is better

Corn is a larger kernel and holds more moisture, so it stays hot longer and works better. It will not pop like popcorn, although you may occassionaly hear a popping sound. They have a wonderful popcorn scent when heated.

Although the small grains do feel good against your body, they do not hold heat well and can be unsafe. Rice turns rancid quickly, and scorches easily. Wheat has been known to catch fire because it drys out too quickly. Flax contains linseed oil, which can explode. There have been recalls and safety warnings on some of these warmers.

You have to be near an outlet for electric for heating pads and deal with the cord. Our corn therapeutic wraps are portable, can be used indoors or out, on airplanes, in wheelchairs, where ever you need warm, comforting heat.

Although we love herbs and aromatherapy, we do not use herbs in these bags. Some people are irritated by scent and the herbs just do not last very long. Heat releases and diminishes herbs essential oils. If you would like some scent you can lightly mist your wrap with our aromatic body/linen spray.

Cleaning your corn bag

Many of our wraps are made with removable liners so the cover may be washed when needed. You can spot clean other wraps as you would any fabric surface, with a mild soap, and damp rag, It is best not to get the corn too wet.

How long do you heat them

Usually 1-2 minutes, in a 1000 watt microwave. Add a few seconds for lower watt microwave. Each warmer will come with instructions. It will feel very warm, even hot to your touch. Microwaves tend to heat unevenly and may have hot spots, so you may need to gently shake your wrap to shuffle the corn and distribute the heat evenly. 4 cups of corn heated for 1 1/2 minutes average 110-115 degrees for the first 15 minutes. When heated for 2 minutes averages 120-140 degrees. Each wrap weighs a different amount according to size. You will notice more moisture when wraps are new. We make our wraps fresh and sterilize them before shipping.

How long will they last

With proper care you can expect your wraps to last for several years. Eventually the moisture will be cooked out of the corn and will not heat. Take care not to overheat them, only heat them for the recommended minutes. It is better to warm your wrap and heat it over and over than to get them extremely hot. People tend towards overheating, thinking hotter is better, but it is not!! Once the corn is scorched, it will never reheat properly.

Good as a cold pack

Our wraps can be used hot or cold. To chill, place in freezer, in a ziploc baggie to keep clean, for a couple of hours. Great to reduce swelling.

Remember what doctors recommend in case of injury, the R.I.C.E method. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. 20 minutes of ice on, 20 off. After 48 hours apply heat to increase circulation and promote healing. If you are hurt, go to a doctor, but when you are at home recovering, do what you can to promote your bodies natural healing.

Members of the medical community use corn in bag warmers in hospitals to help keep their patients warm. They are reliable, safe and they work better than electric heat, chemical heat packs and other types of heat wraps! Our family loves these therapeutic warming wraps and use them ourselves to stay warm during cold weather and for aches and pains.

The wraps are sanitized each time they are microwaved, so they will remain safe to use between family members if necessary. If there will be food or fluids possibly spilled on them, it is best to put the inside liner in a thick ziploc baggie, to keep fresh. The outer cover can easily be washed.

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