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14 oz Iced Tea Goblet Candle-Gel

14 oz Iced Tea Goblet Candle-Gel

Product Information

A summertime favorite, a large glass of delicious Iced Tea, complete with ice cubes and a lemon. It smells so fantastic you want to take a sip, but this candle is not edible!! It glistens and shimmers when lit releasing a lemony ice tea aroma.

I use only patented Penreco gel to ensure safety and quality. Gel burns almost 4 times as long as parafin wax, each ounce burning for 13 hours. These gel candles are made with zinc wicks to provide the best quality burn. Keep wick trimmed to 1/8th" for the best burn.


Due to excess heat in summer months this candle cannot be shipped April - Sept. Temperatures inside postal warehouses and delivery trucks can be extremely hot. The risk of melting is too great and we want it to arrive to you intact. High outdoor temperatures should be below 80 degrees to ship this candle.

For more information about our candles read our Candle Information page.

Price: $12.00

Product Code: KW17

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