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Prim Fixins Grubby Light Jar

Prim Fixins Grubby Light Jar

Product Information

Our wonderfully scented prim fixins surround a softly flickering light sitting inside a half pint mason jar tied with a red gingham fabric tie. Very cozy and primitive decor. We gave a double coating of our special "grubby" spice mix to the tea light and sealed it. Battery is included and easy to replace when needed. Comes with silver colored lid so you may close when not using. Lid is a canning lid with ring.

We pour in a generous half cup of our prim fixins that are cinnabun scented. Fixins include rose hips, cinnamon sticks, botanicals and orange peel. Scent will last for months and is easily refreshed with our refresher oil when scent fades.  

Price is for jar with prim fixins and tea light only, does not include cat and candle light decorations in background.

Tea Light runs on a coin battery CR2032 which is like a watch battery. They will last 72-120 hours in tea light, depending on the brand and how fresh the battery is. I buy 5 packs of Energizer or Maxell cheaply at You can pick them up in stores for a bit more expense.

Price: $8.00

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