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Nothing captures a mood, or enhances a room like the soft glow of a candle. The gentle flame releases the wonderful aroma to create a peaceful relaxing environment.  The fragrances are heavenly. A natural stress reliever, the scents will invigorate and renew your mind. They are essential for a calming aromatherapy experience.

Candles add that special touch for any occasion. Light a candle to accompany that long relaxing bath, a romantic dinner, to meditate, to unwind after a long day, or to just enjoy a leisurely night at home.

We have pure soy candles, gel candles and bakery candles, with many wonderful scents to choose from. All handmade by us in small batches to ensure quality. We make them fresh when you order them. We know it can be a bit intimidating purchasing candles online without smelling them first which is why we are dedicated to give detailed, accurate descriptions of every scent we carry, updated often, on our scent description page.

We have many repeat customers, once people try them, they want more. Everyone's taste is different, but we have many fabulous fragrances, so we know you will find a favorite. We love wonderful fragrances as much as our customers do and we choose only the best to use in our candles.

Our candles are long burning and we hand mix and infuse scent into the wax for every candle and tart we make with the maximum amount of high quality fragrance oil. You will get a strong smelling candle down to the last burn and bit of wax. For more information please read our candle information page.

Remember life is too short not to burn and enjoy your candles!!


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