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Home Scenting

Create an inviting environment with a fabulously scented home by using our wonderful fragrances. Surrounding yourself with your favorite scents reduces stress and promotes a better attitude! We have many options to scent your home, office, or vehicle.

Our wonderful soy candles have a gentle flame that releases the wonderful aroma to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. Long burning and heavenly scented, we infuse them with a maximum amount of high quality fragrance. They are guaranteed to smell great to the last bit of soy wax.

Our soy tart “melts” are made with the same pure soy wax and wonderful fragrances as our soy candles. They are guaranteed to smell great even after re-heating over and over. Tarts are very popular in offices and areas where you cannot have an open flame.

For long-lasting scent and for a bit of home or office décor, our stylish reed diffusers are a great option. The reeds draws up scent from the bottle and releases it in the air. Our high quality scents are long lasting, many for months. Much longer than scents you get in the store.

A novelty item we make is the scented silicone dipped bulbs. They are charming, radiating a soft natural glow that fills any home with cozy warmth. They smell great and look really pretty in the window during holidays and on a fireplace mantel. We also make scented grubby dipped bulbs for primitive décor.

Our refreshing Linen Sprays are a great way to freshen a room, bedding, or clothing. Great for traveling. Nice to spritz on pillows, sheets and in the air. A little spray goes a long way.

We make our home scenting products in small batches and as they are ordered for for highest quality. Items can be made within a few days and shipped, please allow 7 days plus shipping time for busy seasons.  We purchase our fragrance oils in small batches to insure the highest quality and freshness.  We try to plan ahead for busy seasons but ccassionally we run out of a fragrance. If this happens, we will notify you immediately.


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