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We reside in the small town of Newalla, Oklahoma. We handcraft each item we sell, and many are original designs. We use high quality products in the creation of our items and they are created in a smoke-free environment. They make wonderful gifts and are great for decorating around the home or office.  Great care is taken to insure the quality of each finished product. 

I have been a crafter for many years. I began selling some of my projects through personal contacts . Eventually I sold through local craft malls, and my mother and grandmother began to get involved, although I am the main person who makes the items. They enjoy working mostly with plastic canvas although they have worked with many different crafts as I have, including; sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, lap weaving, candle making, doll making, nature crafts, miniatures, beads, and jewelry, to name a few. 

I sell on a part time basis, while working part time and keeping up with other responsibilities. I do not have a store front or employees, and it is up to me to maintain the website and process orders as well as make items, pack and ship and set up at craft shows although my husband has proven to be a big help at the shows.

I grow and harvest herbs that are being used in various products our family is currently using and testing. We have 45 laying hens for plenty of farm fresh eggs. We have roosters and guineas also, along with a large vegetable garden.

We are animal lovers and I have taken in many rescued dogs and cats over the years. I enjoy creating new pet products for our dogs and cats and making natural pet snacks.

I am now making natural, healthy bath products. Our family uses these products for approximately a year before they are sold, to ensure they are of the best quality. I am very interested in natural health, and have done much research on the subject. I love all the wonderful natural butters, oils, herbs and essential oils that can be used to help our skin, and I am always experimenting with new formulas.

I also make soy wax and gel candles. There is a lot of patience and practice involved in candle making to ensure the proper burn time and scent distribution. We have had great results with many of our scents and our candles are always popular.

Since we design most of our items, they can be made to order, with different colors, sizes or names if desired. Please e-mail for special order requests.

Please be aware that colors may vary slightly and the computer may not depict the exact true color of items, due to individual browser settings, although they should be close. We try to be as clear as possible in descriptions and the colors we use are lovely, vibrant, and pretty. The monitor does not due the items justice.